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新・方法 New-Method
新・方法 New-Method


彼の最初の日本の旅ではモリソンは息子を連れて東京、大阪と京都を訪ねました、そこで彼はアメリカの詩人シド∙コーマンを訪問してから、奈良を見に行きました。二回目の旅では、彼は福岡で会議に出席した。三回目の旅では、彼は新宿で週末を過ごしました。四回目の旅では、世界中を旅する時に日本経由で、彼は再びシド•コーマンを訪問しにいきました。東京の高田馬場にあるベンズ∙カフェでMMのために拝読に誘われました。ここで、友人は “Secondからの十の詩”の中国語の翻訳を読んで、モリソンは英語でそれを読みました。MMは伝統と最先端の日本文化両方とも熱心な愛慕者であり、または幸円良介、田名部信、中村惠一、松橋英一と田名部ひろし(自分の世代の同士で)の友情関係及び最近形成されたグループの知人を大事にしている新・方法New-Methodであります。

Madison Morrison has visited Japan four times, but he has never written about his experience of the country in situ, as he has done in so many other countries. On each occasion he was busy with other matters and has only recently written on Japanese subjects, notably in the book called This, (twenty-fourth in Sentence of the Gods), which combines ancient Rome with medieval Japan. A web presentation, included in his second collection of literary essays, East and West, takes up Confucian, Neo-Confucian and Post-Confucian elements in Japanese culture (as it does in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures). More recently MM has combined an account in The Guardian by a Frenchman of a hike from the suburbs of Tokyo to the center of the metropolis with an account of the Japanese occupation during World War II from A History of Modern Indonesia.

On his first trip to Japan, Morrison took his children to see Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, where he visited the American poet Cid Corman and then went on to see Nara. On his second trip he attended a conference in Fukuoko. On his third, he spent a weekend in Shinjuku. On his fourth trip, transiting Japan on his way around the world, he again visited Cid Corman, who arranged, in Tokyo’s Takadanobaba, for MM to give a reading at Ben’s Café. Here a friend read the Chinese translations of “Ten Poems from Second,” as Morrison read them in English. MM is a great admirer of both traditional and cutting-edge Japanese culture and cherishes his friendships with Ryosuke Cohen, Tanabe Shin, Keiichi Nakamura, Eiichi Matsuhashi and Tanabu Hiroshi (among those in his own generation) and his acquaintances among the recently formed group, New-Method.

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