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A Bibliographical Note

In the USA I have had seven publishers: Morgan Press (which brought out Girls, in Milwaukee), Paranthèse [Tibor de Nagy Gallery] (Poems, in New York City), The Working Week Press (Sleep, O and Light, in Norman, OK), The Tribal Press (Old and New but Young and Old, in Bowling Green, OH), Poetry Around (Realization, I, Realization, II, Engendering, Exists, Regarding, All, in Norman), Tiger Moon (which brought out Or and the first collection of articles about my work MADISON MORRISON: Critical Perspectives (I), in Bellows Falls, VT) and Sentence of the Gods Press (which brought out, in Norman, the first critical study of the Sentence by Ron Phelps, The Sentence of Madison Morrison and an anthology of 60 critical pieces by four dozen critics in 20 languages, titled MM: The Sentence Commuted).

In Taiwan I have had six publishers: Sing Guang (which brought out the bi-lingual English-Chinese Selected Poems/Mu Li-sheng Shi-shuen-ji), Bookman Books (Revolution, co-authored by Dan Boord), Pai Se (a bi-lingual anthology, Ming T’ien/Poems for People of the Future), Crane (Particular and Universal: Essays in Asian, European and American Literature), East & West (Lun Hwei/MM’s Revolution, a bi-lingual five-chapter edition) and Cosmos Culture (a new edition of Engendering with Chinese Preface by Han Wei-min and Afterward by Frank W. Stevenson). All these presses were in Taipei except for Pai Se, in Kaohsiung.

In India I have had five publishers, including two major houses: Sterling (which brought out SOLUNA: Collected Earlier Poems, reprinting Sleep, O and Light and publishing for the first time U, Need and A; my study of India, Happening; and SCENES FROM THE PLANET: In, All, Excelling, Or, Divine, reprinting Or and publishing In, All, Excelling and Divine for the first time) and Arnold (which reprinted the English text from the Taiwanese Selected Poems). These two presses were in New Delhi. In Chennai and Bangalore I have had two small press publishers: Thammarai Selvi Pathappagam (which brought out a bi-lingual English-Tamil edition of A Warfilm Is a Peacefilm) and India Internet Ink (which brought out Bangalore Esightings). St. Joseph’s Press, also of Bangalore, has published the first academic monograph about my work, Frank W. Stevenson’s Chaos and Cosmos in Morrison’s Sentence of the Gods.

In Italy I have had one publisher: Anterem Edizioni (which in Verona brought out Realization, thereby reprinting Realization, I and II and publishing for the first time Part III, and Alessio Rosoldi’s translation of five chapters of Particular and Universal, Particolare e universale: Riflessioni sulla letteratura in Asia, Africa, Europa e America).

In Brazil, I have had one publisher: George Grimm (which in Brusque brought out a tri-lingual Portuguese-English-Tamil edition of A Warfilm Is a Peacefilm)

In Russia and in Egypt I have had the same publisher: The Working Week Press (which in St. Petersburg brought out Each and in Alexandria, Every Second). This publisher has subsequently lent its imprimatur to the titles that we are publishing in eBook format: Révolution (Paris), Tout (Paris), Her (Oklahoma City and Siem Reap), Possibly (Rio, Madrid and Lisbon), This (Tokyo and Rome), Life (Pattaya, Yangon, Saigon, Jomtien, Seoul, Beijing, Jomtien and Pattaya, Athens, Satu Mare, Tunis).