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Two Greek Scholars on a Chios Bus-stop Bench

The Gorpf

For the general reader poorly educated in time and space, undisciplined, pre-Alzheimered brainpan dysfunctional, Every Second is prescription for restorative scholarship, antidote to dark night of the black hole in one’s grasp of the Western Epic Tradition. (Before tackling Second,2: reread Homer’s Odyssey & a KEY to the pantheon of the Greek Gods; prepare for rough&heavy SLED-DING; hang on, it’s a BUMPY RIDE!)

MM = transcultural mosaic, adam plank & johnny white ant

Where to begin? Open randomly, as, for example, at Second,2, p.70, with voyeur/listener committing espionage on 2 Greek scholars (one from Chios, one from USA/other points) conversing where the buffalo may still be found to RO-AM TO: lacking Orpheus to plunk his magic lyre, Buffalo Bob, the student, tunes his CD Walkman-player full blast, to Miles Davis’ Agartha (Prelude, Parts I & II), the perfect accompaniment to this historical-referenced recapitulation of the ain’chint poems of Homer. With Miles’ Maiysha comes an Interlude of comment to aid critical digression by reader/looker/listener/spy teleported across interstitial time and space, EVERY SECOND, so as to main-tain charge/presence near a pair of Grecian Good Ol’ Boyz, Orpheus and Hermes, sittin’ on a bench, waitin’ for a bus.

Cretans & Minoans, Secret Agents from ancient codebooks? The local homeboy Greek sez: “This knowledge, it’s all a Big Secret.” (Second,2 could be the gold seam for intelligence/espionage.) Listen up, Dr. Dada & Generalismo Readerz . . . The “seat of Homer,” HOMER’S CHAIR? Homie, whut’s up?!? “STONE OF THE TEACHER (Daskalopetra)!” Conversation ensues betwixt the 2 scholars. A sip o’ tha grape may elucidate, emigrate, enhance, estimate, or eradicate the cobwebs from lapsed student/spy’s brainpan.

O.’s voyage into inner space, plus the oracles at Delphi and Thebes. Connections? Wild conversation/dialogue: The Atlantis Myth! Plato’s WORD! Kirke was off-route, somewhere in the Atlantic! (It’s common knowledge that Blue Mountains of JAMAICA are the very tip-top peaks of Atlantis.) On this circuitous way to the Graeco-Roman wrasslin’ matches, we pause for a seat in Homer’s Chair? A bus-stop bench will substitute, TEACH (daDAskalopetra). “Help, I’m a Rock!” (See Frank Zappa, lyric poet.)

All for the General Reader:  a dadaist voyeur disguised in ROMAN student toga on the way to a party (TOGA TOGA TOGA!): there’s an ANIMAL in the HOUSE. Wait a SECOND,2, what’s this about the Egyptians, contact from off-planet, serious extra-terrestrials from Sun Sirius, the Dog Star, or Osiris? Sirius = Osiris = Apollo. (GenX.Reader: you are required to have a BIG STACK of reference books.) ESCAPEMENT: (1) mechanism in typewriters that regulates horizontal movement of the carriage. (2) the notched wheel with detaining catch to control the speed and regularity of balance wheel or clock pendulum, EVERY DAMNED SECOND. Time marches on. Enjoy yerself!




To speak at greater length about Every Second: hyperspeed scholarship into hyperspace (transition to Sirius, Dog Star environs, in situ, on scene, Earl.Like some Scruggs-storied banjo-pickin’ on the front porch, Storyteller, Player on the World’s Stage. That gen.reader must be prepared to be IN THE MO-MENT with MM, conversationally wherever he is, in any wild # of locales on the planet, GLOBETROTTER EVERY SECOND (Middle East, Greece, Southern Italy). The speed at which Every Second hauls yer gourd thru land-cosmicscapes astounding!

Particular and Universal present-day traveler-storytellers, O.&MM, heading to Chios, the FragRANT Island. We be gittin’ the Big Picture NOW, atomic seconds . . . , e.seconds,2. Don’t fergit the Homer and Chios connection, and the constant human presence on that fair isle for millennia. Root word: CHION = SNOW. Readerz: MM’s descriptive prowess is EXTREME DETAIL anno-tated to COLOR WHEEL, split to INFINITY. Contemporary ON SCENE observations recounted, often on the fly, ON THE BUS (Ken Kesey) to VRONTADOS, along the sun-drenched Grecian island’s coast, where Homer grew tall, or hitch-hiking, in general every second mode. Plus SHOPPING LIST of Contemporary Thought WORLDWIDE. Whew! Tea break, Perfesser?

Second,2. JETHRO TOO BLUE GRASS (present author’s Amerindian tribal name). Shades of ODOS KORAH. I wuz talkin’ with this Ol’ Homie, EL Stonoh, about dat VERY STONE OF THE TEACHER, The Daskalopetra, the site where HOMER taught, STONE SEAT, slab Daska-oid, arm resting on the LYRE, hoping for soundmusical interlude (JAM) between pontifications. (Aspiration of rootsmen to Homeric heights, transcendence of one’s own gal-loping ignorance.)

 Anyhoo: the separation into 3 fonts is a great benefit for the slow reader. (Text can be read separately by three individuals, or simultaneously by one.) The interweave begins to fabric truth and beauty into a continuous, galactic time flow (bi-ped tribal evolution since the last Ice Age in E. S.?).

STONE OF HOMER, Man! The Greeks and Latins! You is about to em-bark on the long voyage of Ulysses to Satsuma (satori)!


Best regards from your off-planet reporter,


El Gorpfoh (aka The Outrider, Doktorr of DAda)