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Priddle’s Homeric Lexicon

D. Ross Priddle

“a camouflaged trap containing wine-jars,” “other apeiron,” supersleeves, hospitality, the clientele entirely, Venus on the half-shell, mirrored surfaces, a blank exterior, concrete industrial structure, “abradorites,” “esites,” “mastic,” “his paeginia,” British Petroleum, cylinders of concrete, concrete blocks, ksista, graffito reading “graffiti,” concrete apron, the flow of millennia, no room for the night, “equipollent,” “phuxi,” “origin of change,” “anivasmata,” a monstrous pudendum, “richtan,” stone tits, soumada, orgeat, raki, local doughnut, a concrete cross, a transitional signature, the Battle of Salamis, paideia, lapis, “Yiota,” a chartreuse Toyota, a random confluence of streets,  “Fussmassagerbad,” “Sol-Rajser,” broken concrete, concrete gateway, a huge concrete block, Roman copies, petasson, kyrikeion, Kastro, Koan, “this evening the city will honor,” heightened cosmetic effect, Aiaie, “the glebe burdening the plowshare,” “hohlakia,” a necking knob, “the culture and education of the Homeric,”  retinal consciousness, circle ever higher, orange tiles, “wine-blue water,” “hecatombs,” iconostasis, “the cultural history of Europe,” revetments, “poetic details,” honey-sweetened mead, “to travel is to conquer,” a blank diary, a vacant lot paved in concrete, graffito-covered walls, “Queen of Paranoia,” a bright red graffito, “Copy Net Xerox,” “Tourist Police,” International Communist Movement, “cried the horrified Eumaeus,” and yet another identity, “philhellenism,” Arete, modern schizophrenics, white snow drops, author (Telemakhos), “we recall,” an orange freighter, “Gerenian,” tholos, “khalos khagathos,” “cortesia,” the sea recolors itself a dark blue, redbud, “Treats all reality as transient phenomena,” “shadow puppets of poetic fancy,” “Efharisto,” Odos, “Kastikon Megaron,” “psychagogia,” scribbled in spray paint: “Too drunk to fuck,” the flags of seventeen nations, “poetic ecstasy,” “divine madness,” 26 cages for birds, “Photo Video,” “Opera Omnia,” Echephron, teenies, a graffito reading “Psychedelic,” “aristeia,” Patra, blue graffito, Paideia, the word repeats itself, “sigma-zeta-omega-iota-zeta,” cognizant of the future, “Thank you again,” says author, “for quoting these lines,” “my knowledge remains frag-mentary,” sweet-ingestion, charged nothing, demotic text, the dimly legible word, “dead in foreign fields,” “pencil-pined,” Pentelic marble, “Chico Mendez,” “Areopagus,” the slave girls, Megabyxus, “The sun is lost,” “the haft holes of twelve ax heads,” “the groaning work,” Corcyreans, “there was death in every form,” “the Wingless Victory,” “tonic in design,” psychopomp, “mazes the eyes,” “a great shapeless mass called Chaos,” “three 100-handed giants,” “great masses of material,” a gold car, “the 100-handed giants,” katabasis, “the Homeric epic,” “is concentrated,” Metis, “phronesis,” “Club Paranoia,” “Smoke Grass / It’s Healthy,” in orange: the peace sign, “the green fear,” a real hat