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Quick Abstract Thoughts Upon Reading O

Mark Sonnenfeld

As a steady mist of colors and temperatures and nostalgia fix.

Another winter from the complete stranger paces. Was this room

(I am reading O in) too air-conditioned? The A-1 wheel effects

for whom a bad heart chamber is pumping wants to know about

“center” or spirits? while lasting meetings squared off clay words

inside the tent tag line even deep into the sherman furnitures?

It’s this is plainstory “underneath” poetry post knee-crack tissue

typed hedged 8th road out of a photo carnival to stem no accident a mile

ex-blackout rams/lifts geo-IDs to just work around mostly cloudy wearers

are not yup at the downtown store. For the people. For what should it

put the glass box? —anyone lake islands? —Louis Armstrong radio? —roll

back economics? Asking the driver ever since to lean out a distance

author has this all numbered in stops meeting society rhythm just sells to

cigarettes a distraught detective leftside to a cloud, rightside to amnesia,

dark cells, belowside IQ historic public wheel “got spare on their face”

begs for more so windy five days in the past month to the emotional

support fishing well. Hello umphie America back and forth. Hydroelectric

flux. Pulls viewers in one kind delight iron bomb thing. Yes.