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MADISON MORRISON: A biographical note

MADISON MORRISON is a writer who travels a lot and describes in situ the countries that he visits. He is engaged in a life-long project, a 26-volume universal epic, Sentence of the Gods. His favorite poet is Homer, whom he has imitated in Second, his favorite novelist, Cervantes, whom he has troped in Possibly. His work is autobiographical, but impersonally so, as in his favorite book, The Education of Henry Adams.

Now in his early 70s, paradoxically, as he gets older, his friends get younger. He is interested in new music and the latest fashions, digital art and the "post-cultural." Formerly a university professor, who had lectured widely in Asia, Europe and America on English and American literature, in retirement he has prepared and given recent lectures on comparative geo-politics and religion, Chinese painting, the western epic, the global financial crisis, Buddhism in Southeast Asian art and his own collection of mostly western paintings. He is also available for readings and short courses.

Photo of MM lecturing in Jeju, Korea