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The emblem represents the first letters of the titles of the books in Sentence of the Gods

      L  U  N  A
H  E  R  M  E  S
A  P  H  R  O  D  I  T  E

Each of the 26 books of the Sentence has an introduction by Richard Beck

Preliminary Remarks

Sentence of the Gods

Ron Phelps, The Sentence of Madison Morrison
Chinese translation by Xu Xi
Vietnamese translation by Nguyễn Tiến Văn
Thai translation by Warunee Phongpattarakit
Romanian translation by Olimpia Jacob

Peter Carravetta, "Toward a Poetica Cosmographica"
Italian translation by Giulia Niccolai and Peter Carravetta
Russian translation by Nataliya Babayan

On The Sentence and Other Epics (Japanese)
On Homer and the Sentence
On Christian Humanism and the Epic
On Naming Epics
On Natural Allegory
On The Possible and The Probable

A Cosmological Palace

Hall of the Planets, Schloß Eggenberg

Apollo and the Continents Apollo and the Continents (detail)
America, left-hand side America, right-hand side Africa, left-hand side Africa, right-hand side
Asia, obelisk view Asia, figure of Asia Europe, overall view detail

Apollo and the Continents by Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

Video excerpts

Intellectual activity and the epic

On East and West

Travel, the in-situ method, the world

Cosmology, theology and science